We want to welcome all the new players coming from the live server over the next few weeks. To do this I have created some tribute items from live that have been slightly boosted and am offering this promo code "GOODBYELIVE". You can use this code using the promotion page on the new website.

If you are deciding whether or not to play on this server, read the list of comments and testimonials from players who play on the server.

I highly recommend reading our rules, game guide, faqs and How to Connect Guide

New Website in Beta!!
Our new website is close enough to finish that I'm declaring it an open beta. I encourage everyone to use the new site for everything except the auction house at this point. The auction house should be finished on the new site soon, until then you can use it at this site.

The new url is www.L15server.com and this site will forward to it when it is no longer beta.

You can report any bugs with the site via the new bug tracker on the site located at http://www.l15server.com/bugs.html

I highly recommend after logging in, if it doesn't prompt you to choose a display name, to goto to your options page and do so.

At the new site, always use your game account login information. The forum utilizes your game account as well.

There are many new features on the new site, feel free to explore, contribute to the Screenshot Gallery, Fan Art Gallery, View your Warehouse, add comments to your favorite weapons and armors, Post on the new Forums, Subscribe to be emailed every time we have an event, and so much more!

Good Luck, Have Fun!

Mr. and Mrs. Zajako

Forget "Me" Not the Bouquets
This part of the event involves hunting Mutated Flowers and Dark Gardeners for flower seeds, magic growth powder, magic growth catalyst and using these to make the items you can turn in to get the bouquets.

These monsters are located inside of aden town and lower level players should be able to handle hunting the Mutated Flowers. To turn in the quest talk to Wendy located near the church. If you use Magic Growth Catalyst on a Flower seed, it has a chance to turn into a Glowing Seed. If you use a Magic Growth Powder on a Glowing Seed, it has a chance to turn into a Large Glowing Seed.
Wendy can turn these into the bouquets for you!

With the Wedding of GM:Zajako coming up, we are celebrating with a multi part event in game. To start off this event we release part 1 as well as a new handy -church command to run to the chapel whenever you need to! Also when you get married at the Church it will announce globally of your marriage!

Make The Cake
To start this event quest, see Bobbi The Baker at aden church. She will need for you to find all of her missing ingredients so she can make your cake! Hopefully she doesn't get forgetful and make you a birthday cake instead though! The ingredients are scattered all across aden town,castle and docks. Only you can see the ones spawned for you and monsters do not pick them up.

The Wedding cake item you can receive for this quest if placed on the ground, cannot be picked up. However, it will display a nice large wedding cake on the ground where you placed it. This item also can be saved for the main wedding quest coming soon, where you can turn it in alone for lesser prizes or with several other quest items (soon to come) for a larger and better prize!

Hey guys, as a lot of you know, I'm getting married very early in June, to celebrate this great day, we will be having some events in game (which will both start and be announced shortly) as well as a donation event with lots of great prizes! The donation event will simply create a digital ticket for each dollar you donate during the months of May and June. The drawing will be held the first week of July. So the more you donate, the higher chances you have to win! You will still receive gift coins as normal. Here are the prize list:

Grand Prize One Winner
Be immortalized in L1.5 History with a weapon named after your character. The weapon will be a soul weapon which can level up and get stronger.
One (1) copy of this weapon to use in game.
One(1) X-Grade Amulet of your choice
One (1) Ultra Elixir of your choice
Three(3) Blessed Soul Enchantment Scroll: Weapon
Three(3) Blessed Soul Enchantment Scroll: Armor
One(1) Lineage 1.5 T-Shirt (Real life shirt that is mailed to you)
Three(3) different large "Laptop Skin" Stickers (Real life stickers that are mailed to you)
One(1) L1.5 Sticker pack (Real Life stickers that are mailed to you)

First Prize One Winner
One(1) X-Grade Amulet of choice
One(1) Ultra Elixir of Choice
One(1) Blessed Soul Enchantment Scroll: Weapon
One(1) Blessed Soul Enchantment Scroll: Armor
One(1) Lineage 1.5 T-Shirt (Real life shirt that is mailed to you)
Three(3) different large "Laptop Skin" Stickers (Real life stickers that are mailed to you)
One(1) L1.5 Sticker pack (Real Life stickers that are mailed to you)

Second Prize One Winner
One(1) Ultra Elixir of Choice
One(1) Lineage 1.5 T-Shirt (Real life shirt that is mailed to you)
Three(3) different large "Laptop Skin" Stickers (Real life stickers that are mailed to you)
One(1) L1.5 Sticker pack (Real Life stickers that are mailed to you)

Third Prize Two Winners
One(1) Lineage 1.5 T-Shirt (Real life shirt that is mailed to you)
Three(3) different large "Laptop Skin" Stickers (Real life stickers that are mailed to you)
One(1) L1.5 Sticker pack (Real Life stickers that are mailed to you)

Fourth Prize Ten Winners
One(1) L1.5 Sticker pack (Real Life stickers that are mailed to you)

Good Luck, Have Fun!

I've been spending some time developing a client for L1 for the iPad and iPhone, here is the first video demo for it!

We are expecting to release this client sometime in the coming months!

Here are some screenshots and a video:

Login Screen: http://files.zajako.com/5fPQ
Character Select: http://files.zajako.com/5gNe

Video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/8Pllhv12wxs

For those of you who didn't get it, April FOOLS!

While everything in this demo was made as an app, it is not really going to be finished or released as a L1 Client. Unfortunately I don't own the rights to L1, so its up to NCsoft to either release this app, or release permission to make this app.

The leprechauns have come out of hiding this year to run a muck! You can find them all over Aden Mainlands! However, hitting these oh so special creatures can cause you to be very unlucky! Their rewards however, can be quite lucky as well! So hit them at your own risk!

They are low hp, weak monsters so this can be fun for ALL levels!

Leprechauns can drop Lucky Coin!, Lucky Dice!, Lucky Clover Belt, Potion of Luck, Adena and a Bottle o' Guinness!

The Bottle o' Guinness has a level requirement of 21 and will get you nice and drunk! If you find yourself too drunk to hunt, simply drink a haste potion to cure yourself of the spins!

The lucky Clover Belt increases your chances of luck rolls by wearing it.

Lucky Dice! and Lucky Coin! re-roll your luck, with the coin telling you if your luck went up or down.

Potion of Luck gives you an 8 minute luck buff.

Also all day long there will be a team speak channel specifically for those getting drunk and celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with each other!

Also throughout the day the exp, sxp, dxp, vit, and adena rates will be increased as well as free crack!

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
and have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

SKT Caves have been taken over by the undead! The 4 floors have been taken by storm and the thriving undead have filled the caves. This zone is now a level 7x area and has a new boss "Thriving Undead Captain". He can drop a new Boss Shield as well! These mobs drop a lot of the mats people have troubles with, as well as many enchant scrolls and adena.

Three new cloaks have been added to the game as well. You can craft them by talking to Frintezza's Seamstress in Aden City. She will require lots of new mats that are found throughout TOI. These mats are fairly common drops so this quest shouldn't be entirely too hard. The cloaks are as follows:

Cloak of the Cleric - This cloak doubles your healing abilities.
Cloak of the Warrior - This cloak adds 20% more dmg with melee/bow attacks.
Cloak of the Magi - This cloak adds 25% more magic damage.

These cloaks all have negative stats and very bad ac. They are also safe to 0. This balances out their great abilities.

These other tweaks were made to balance out previous changes:

Heals heal a higher minimum amount and higher maximum amount.
Heals cost less mp to cast.

TOI floors 50-80 have been tweaked more, reducing their HP and some stats, while boosting the exp gain amounts. This should make these floors more hunt-able and worthwhile.

The exp penalty for hunting lower level mobs has been reduced.

Iris Ammy can now be equipped by all classes as well.

Good Luck and have fun!

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